5×5 With The Hook: Sara Mitich.

Once upon a time a young girl looked out at the sky and dreamed of a life filled with a higher purpose. And so she defied her mother’s wishes, competed in the Amazonian games and won the right to battle injustice in Man’s World.

Wait, that’s Wonder Woman, not Sara Mitich.

Great, now I’m picturing Sara in WW’s outfit, her gaze focused like a laser, her muscles rigid as she raises her steel bracelets…

Great, now I fogged my glasses up.

Let’s see if we can’t back on track, shall we?


Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, a mere forty-five minutes from my hometown of Niagara Falls, it’s most likely that a young star Sara Mitich looked up at the sky and dreamed of setting the world on fire with her artistic passion.

And so she eventually did; giving the world unforgettable characters who dwell everywhere from earthbound turn-of-the-century Toronto in Murdoch Mysteries to the deepest recesses of space in The Expanse.

In the beginning though, Sara’s passion was ballet, and by age nine she was gracefully twirling like nobody’s business at the National Ballet School of Canada. Sidelined by evolution’s cruel sense of humor (a sudden growth spurt) and multiple injuries stemming from her nightlife as a pre-teen cage fighter (is he kidding?), Sara channeled her skills to acting, and graduated from the joint actor training program between University of Toronto and Sheridan College.

Like any actor worth their salt, Sara’s paid her dues, appearing in short films like Mind Games (every relationship I had prior to getting married), Plastic (what most of my girlfriends were made of) and Prick (how most of my exes now refer to me). She’s honed her craft in films of the cinematic and TV variety. She became a full-fledged nerd favorite by appearing in the Heroes Reborn mini-series. And last but not least, she’s become a true star by elevating Murdoch Mysteries and The Expanse to even greater heights.

The Expanse is an incredibly-well-written sci-fi mystery/drama/thrill ride set in the far reaches of the cosmos – but it actually takes place in the depths of the human soul.

1-zp8xdN_coOWjL1uQwVi2hAI’m getting paid to do The Hook’s blog, right?

Sara has done some of her best work on The Expanse, but it’s her work on Murdoch Mysteries that I want to discuss briefly before we get to the heart of today’s matter.

Sara brought suffragist and turn-of-the-century hat connoisseur Lillian Moss to life slowly; the character gently eased her way into the life of coroner Doctor Emily Grace – and MM’s viewers – with a series of nuances rather than an aggressive attack.

And then she brought Dr. Grace to her knees, (quite literally, one can assume), by making her realize love knows no bounds. Having Lillian and Emily become lovers was groundbreaking within the time period of the show and most definitely for the network itself. The only error CBC made, in my opinion, was letting the Murdoch writers killer poor Lillian off!

I was fortunate enough to meet a young female guest who was so inspired by the Lillian/Emily storyline that she came out to her father. I feel very lucky to be in a position where I can strike up conversations with travelers that have this result, so I can only imagine how Sara must feel.

Some final tidbits about ms. Mitich: she’s an accomplished equestrian and when she isn’t turning the world on with her smile (hey, someone had to take over for MTM) she enjoys kickboxing, Pilates and yoga. So don’t ever tick Sara off, people; she’ll go medieval on your tuckus. To top it all off, Sara gives back to the acting community as a teacher and coach for Armstrong Acting Studios – and she’s tall and drop dead gorgeous.

(I love smart, strong, tall women, which is why I married one.)

227868_201537319889359_2227766_nYes, my glasses fogged up again…

And now, on with the show!

ONE)  You’re a true professional, but you’re also human; do you ever break out in raucous laughter during an emotional scene?

Of course! I mean it obviously depends on the type of scene and role and what not. Sometimes I’m really in it and stay in it – and even if I wanted to break out of it, it would take some time to shake it off. But those little hiccups are some of my fondest memories; and it can be the most random things that trigger the laughter.

I remember on Murdoch (and his happens often), we were filming a scene outside and a horse and carriage pass by, and just as we were talking, out of nowhere, the horse farted SO loudly! We tried to continue with the scene, but it was hopeless, everyone burst out into laughter. It took us a couple takes to get back into the scene and keep the laughter from bubbling up. But it’s so human!

I love those moments. They remind you not to take yourself so damn seriously all the time.


TWO)  If you could be any breakfast food what would you be?

Ouuuu, I don’ know if this is what I would BE, but my fav is Eggs Florentine! It’s got all the goodies: spinach, cheese, eggs and the ultimate – hollandaise sauce.

Yum yum!


THREE)  Yay or nay on chivalry? Are we past the point where a woman should allow a man to do things for her like open her car door or jump in front of a pack of rabid wolverines to save her?

It’s a definite Yay for me. I love it when a man opens a door for me, walks on the outside of the sidewalk, etc. It could be because I’m a hopeless romantic, but I don’t see anything wrong with any of that. I think it’s thoughtful.

That being said, do I love having the freedom to work and do what I love? Absolutely. And I would never want that limited by anyone or anything. There has to be a balance, you know?


FOUR)  Your storyline broke new ground for Murdoch Mysteries; have any fans reached out to you to express their appreciation/rage/indifference?

I had quite a few fans reach out to me in appreciation – which was so wonderful!

As an actor, I am a facilitator of the writers and creators of the show; that being said, having such an impact on peoples lives is truly an honor, and it’s the greatest gift and feedback I can get. Every time I got a fan letter, it TOTALLY made my day! So thank you to everyone who sent one, or commented in appreciation on social media, etc. It makes me feel like I have an impact on this world and that is – hands down – such an incredible feeling.

Though I didn’t get any messages sent directly to me, I did catch some columns and comments on social media where fans were expressing their rage about the storyline and how it was detouring the show from its previous path. And you know what? That’s okay too. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. If the storyline sprouted conversation points then, in a way, it was doing its job!

(I get the impression Sara really is one of the nicest, calmest people you could ever hope to meet, don’t you?)



FIVE)  If you could be any cinematic villain (male or female) who would you choose and why?

The first character that popped into my mind was Catwoman.

First off, I’ve always wanted to play a badass chick in a one-piece leather zip up (ha ha, I know, but it’s on my to-do list).

(Well, if you didn’t love Sara before…)

Second, I am so fascinated and drawn to characters that have a dark but vulnerable side to them. Maybe it’s the way Michelle Pfeiffer played her, but that spiral into the unstable world that she goes into – I think – is amazing. You have this person who is torn between good and evil, and sanity and insanity – that would be a dream to play as an actress! Plus I love cats. So, you know, there’s the bonus of being one.


Isn’t Sara the best? Not only did she take the time to answer a few quirky Qs from a nobody like me, she gave me gold, Jerry, gold! My thanks to our lovely guest and to all of you; you’re all good eggs.

See you in the lobby, kids…

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13 Responses to 5×5 With The Hook: Sara Mitich.

  1. umashankar says:

    Yes, sir. She is tall and drop dead gorgeous, and all that you said and left unsaid. (I swear I am not getting jealous). I am sure this kickboxer can kick the box-office into a cartwheel. I am happy for your blog.

  2. Marion Hardy says:

    Wonderful. Enjoyed knowing more about Sara and always enjoy your offbeat questions. Never run of the mill thank God. You learn more about a person that way!!

  3. Paul says:

    Awesome interview Hook. My glasses got steamy just reading it. I had no clue as to the person behind the character. Whew – powerful stuff. Thanks again Hook.

  4. Kevin says:

    The photo of the sheepskin rug was good but the woman on it was a bit distracting for me. Great post, by the way. I enjoyed it and that’s for giving us a little bit more information about Sara.

  5. Sarah is the best. Thanks Hook.

  6. Ned's Blog says:

    Definitely one of my favorite interviews so far, Hook. She’s truly engaging. Plus, she says good stuff. It doesn’t seem fair that Canadians have people like her and we in the U.S. are stuck with the Kardashians. And even when you have Justin Bieber, you stick us with him now too! Not fair…

  7. Kim says:

    Hi Sara
    Kim from Claireville Ranch
    Hope you are well
    Congrats on all your success

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