Even A Quiet Murdoch Monday Has Its Moments.

My shift today has been as vacant and desolate as Kim Kardashian’s conscience.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s been completely boring…

GIGGLY GIRL:  We’re so glad to be here! We’re from London and we love it here! Thanks for helping us with our bags!

Bear in mind, this young blonde waif from London Town punctuated every single sentence with a giggle so girlish, it would have melted Hitler’s heart. Every. Single. Sentence.

Her Asian boyfriend was an easygoing lad who was just along for the ride. He let her dominate the conversation (a tactic that I’m certain applied to every aspect of their relationship), with more giggly pronouncements focused on her love of Canada, Niagara Falls, the hotel lobby, the elevator and even yours truly.

“I don’t really know you, but you seem like a superb bellman!”

I have to admit, the girl had great taste.

ME:  I have to say, sir, you’re a lucky man.

GG:  He knows that! But why do you think so? (In between giggles, ‘natch.)

ME:  Well, most people are fatigued, thirsty, hungry and cranky when they first arrive, but not you! In fact, you’re overflowing with joy. Bursting, even!

Her response was blogging gold.

“You really think so? You should see me in the sack!

Fortunately, I’m not easily rattled.

ME:  Well, I’m sure you have a wonderful style, miss, but I’m not sure how I’d react to giggling in the bedroom. I’d be too worried you were giggling for other reasons! If you know what I mean!”

Her love just adopted an awkward smile and put his head down. The poor devil. She, however, didn’t miss a beat.

“Oh I’m sure you wouldn’t have to worry about that! You’re a tall one and you know what they say about tall ones, right?

That rattled me.

ME:  Yes! Yes, I do… and they’re right!

But not for long.

Fortunately, at that point we all laughed. We left the elevator and arrived at their room. They tipped me. I returned to the quiet – and mind-numbing – calm of the lobby. End of story. Until the next call, that is.

Well, I’m off. Time to go home and enjoy a brand-spanking-new episode of Murdoch Mysteries. See you in the lobby, kids…

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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44 Responses to Even A Quiet Murdoch Monday Has Its Moments.

  1. REDdog says:

    Hook, you are a true master of improv, mate.

  2. oceanswater says:

    It’s a dirty job, but some body’s got to do it … and you do it so well! 😉

  3. Pingback: Even A Quiet Monday Has Its Moments.

  4. When they need a new cast member for Saturday Night LIve…
    You’d class up the place. He’s right about the improv potential

  5. Yup. Smooth and quick on your feet.

  6. Lightning fast verbal reflexes you have there, my friend!! Well played.

  7. Hyacinth says:

    I’m going to have to remember to be on my toes next time I’m in a fancy hotel!

  8. 'Tis says:

    *giggle* 😉

  9. There’s something about a genuine laugh (or giggle) that puts a day-long smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your giggly girl with us. I sensed and imagined someone youthful and teeming with energy–I could have used her energy in boxing class about an hour ago.
    You meet some very interesting people, Hook 🙂

  10. orples says:

    Olivia asked me, to ask you, “What do they say about tall ones?” 😉

  11. I find your stories to be very entertaining.

  12. 1jaded1 says:

    Haha…you rattled is difficult to believe. You handled it well.

  13. Well this brought back an episode. I dated a girl who was very, very nervous in bed. It would manifest itself in giggles and laughs. She didn’t mean any harm and couldn’t help it but I used to get quite angry. It didn’t last.

  14. Murdoch should have you on as a guest. You could certainly spice things up a little.

  15. Paul says:

    Ha! not bad Hook, you are one cool dude. I thought about you today when I happened upon an episode of Frasier where a hotel employee delivers a meal to the room where Frasier’s ex, Lilith, is staying and she was with Frasier’s brother, Nils; he returns with a request and Nils is hiding in the bathroom and Lilith is with Frasier; Frasier orders breakfast and the employee returns and Lilith is hiding in the bathroom and Frasier and Nils are in the room. He is so cool each time – and you could see him wondering how he should respond, and then very carefully chosing his words. In the end he got a big tip. Ha! I thought to myself – Hook! That’s how he gets his tips. Ha!

  16. Ned's Blog says:

    I’m 6’1″.
    And I just wanted to say that.

  17. PsiFiGal says:

    You got a loud Guffaw out of me! Priceless 🙂

  18. PinkNoam says:

    I think I need to change from IT Service Desk Monkey to Bellman. Nobody is nice to IT guys…

  19. I read your first line three times before going on. “My shift today has been as vacant and desolate as Kim Kardashian’s conscience.” I hit the follow button immediately. I read the rest and am still laughing. Are you glad they tipped you instead of kidnapping you for a three-way? I’m guessing yes.

  20. curvyroads says:

    Blogging gold, indeed! I am enjoying my periodic ‘catching up with Hook’ time!

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