Canadian March Break Has Begun…

The horror…

Hyperbole aside, March Break is an oxymoron that strikes terror into the hearts of hospitality workers like myself. I love my job, but on days like today I hate people.

Yes, I’m a complicated man. Accept it. I have.

The demands of my station prevent me from expanding upon this message, my friends. I will say this: I arrived at mt desk at 9 am – and the onslaught has merely slowed, not ceased as of this writing at 4;13 pm.

I have been spit upon, cursed at – I didn’t hear language like that on my honeymoon, never mind in the middle of a hotel lobby – screamed at in at least six distinct languages and generally abused for little reward. And it’s only Sunday.

Never mind Lamont Cranston’s alter-ego, The Hook knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

I’d love to spend more time with you, my friends, but I don’t even have the minutes to finish this

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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81 Responses to Canadian March Break Has Begun…

  1. TJLubrano says:

    Hang in there, my dear Hook!!!

  2. Patience, my friend!!!!

  3. Are you kidding? There isn’t an antidote for March Break yet?

  4. Paul says:

    Blog Fodder Hook! I often wondered during March Break vacations how the hospitality workers put up with it. So many visitors leave their manners at home. I often found myself cringing at the abominable behavior exhibited by some of my fellow guests. I don’t travel during March Break anymore (unless it’s unavoidable) and that is one of the reasons.

  5. amaothman says:

    Haha and this is only the beginning eh. Have fun!

  6. Britt says:

    No soothing words from this girl. Keep taking notes. I want Lobby Stories!


  7. Trent Lewin says:

    Oh boy, Hook, I can only imagine, and I admire what patience you have for this onslaught. Best of luck with the March breakers; my own three kids are free and unfettered at the moment, and it’s already a madhouse. I could suggest drinking heavily… but that would be wrong. And I would already be doing it, so that solution is taken.

  8. girlseule says:

    Someone spat at you!!! Oh that is foul. Are you allowed to tell these people off or do you have to keep being nice?

    • The Hook says:

      We don’t really have a spitting protocol. but I didn’t report the incident anyway. I simply keep going until my shift ends.
      And I scream in the back room. A lot.

  9. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    That sucks. I feel like visiting every hotel in the Falls to see if I can spot you. I’ll tip well, don’t worry.

  10. Steph says:

    I don’t know how you do it.

  11. Brenda says:

    Oh, man. Now I’m glad we have feb and apr breaks here.

  12. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I thought about you this weekend as my friends and I checked into the hotel we were staying at. I wondered what the staff thought of our “rowdy” (not really) group.

    The place we went had the staff all wearing nameplates with a line under their name stating what they were interested in (sports, writing, ice cream, etc.). The desk clerk said it was to inspire conversation with guests, but I couldn’t help wondering if that is always a good thing or not.

  13. You can look on the bright side…there will be lots to blog about and entertain your fans!! Oh and if you had a donate button we might even tip you for the entertainment! 😉

  14. Nadia says:

    Hook, I think you’re the one that deserves a break. My sympathies. I hope the March break is a short one…

  15. Aussa Lorens says:

    Yikes! I’ve not heard of this March Break phenomenon. I may try to use it tomorrow as an excuse to get out of work. Keep your chin up! And your eye out for keen human observations to share with us…

    • jaklumen says:

      I’ve not, Aussa? I thought we ‘Muricans were supposed to say “I haven’t”. Pardon my teasing, truly… I play a British MMORPG and I’ve noticed a number of U.S.-based players starting to take on British English. I tease only in good fun.

      But I didn’t know Canada did spring break this early, either. Yes, apparently, this is when grade school lets out (thank you, Wikipedia —

      • Aussa Lorens says:

        Pshaw! I get teased all the time for using the wrong words! I also pronounce “either’ like “eye-ther.” I think it comes from having a very pretentious father 😉

      • jaklumen says:

        Oh, pretentiousness knows no bounds, and I think that’s what makes linguistics so interesting. I read that for at least one moment in time, some Canadians insisted “dove” was the proper past tense for “dive”, even though the Brits moved on to “dived” as we have in the U.S.

        It all gets to be pretty silly, eventually.

      • Aussa Lorens says:

        It’s not “dove?”

      • jaklumen says:

        Apparently, it depends on who you talk to.

        (“Dove” sounds more natural to me, personally.)

      • You mean there is another way to say it? LOL! I also get crap about saying often…like offen with no T. That is my voice teacher’s fault….ha ha!
        Ps I think you talk just fine and dandy…;-)

      • jaklumen says:

        She does… I’m just having a little bit of fun. Hope you don’t mind.

        I was a music student and studied a little bit of voice… I do understand how voice teachers emphasize a certain diction. But I believe a lot of that is to preserve operatic clarity and tone.

      • Ppfftt! Nah…you can tease Aussa all you want! LOL! She can take it…she is a Ninja, Hacker, Spy And a Hooker! Ha ha ha ha ha! 😉

      • jaklumen says:

        That she is! I’m too afraid to tease her in anything but good fun. Mama didn’t raise no fool, and Dad taught me to say, “Yes, dear.”

  16. Poor Hookey…I’m so sorry 😦
    It’s my Spring Break too…wishes I could come your way and see the frozen falls! But alas I will have to hang out down here and do taxes? *groan*
    Chin up, it is only a week…I pray you survive! 😉

  17. Eva says:

    I would lose it if I was spat on. Can you punch them?

  18. shimoniac says:

    You can always console yourself with the thought that at least they’re only staying a week. And that in a hundred years, they’ll be dead. Meanwhile, keep on keeping on.

  19. maurnas says:

    My job requires me to be alone with people in their homes. It gets awkward. And intense. People are weird and sometimes they suck. I hope things get better.

  20. Have you thought of introducing them to your right Hook? Sometimes meeting new, uh, people settles silly situations ‘down’ quite quickly.

    If you can’t do that, maybe I could come help out and throw you a block here and there. I can throw out an eyebrow that would make The Rock’s whimper away with its tail between its legs…

  21. 1jaded1 says:

    Ugh! Someone spat at you? Classy…not! March madness sounds more like it.

  22. Service industry jobs are the toughest. John Q. Public is not a nice person, especially while on vacation where he’s supposed to be laid back and relaxed. I have a theory that people who are downtrodden and miserable in their daily lives take it out on people in the service industry the first chance they get. If it’s any consolation, people who are rude to you are not happy and they never will be.

  23. Bob Lee says:

    As TJ said Hook … Hang in there. It’s just so nice to be loved & appreciated with the work we do, isn’t it? Walk a mile in another mans shoes … wonder how they’d like it? Whatta ya think?

  24. I liked this post. Immediately after doing so I thought, “Why did I hit like? That sucks!”

    Hang in the buddy. This too shall pass.

    But, seriously, SPITTING? Your hotel lets people keep a room after they spit on employees?

    • The Hook says:

      A spitter’s money is still acceptable. I guess – unless its coated in spit, of course.
      Plus, I didn’t even tell the Front Desk. I’m so jaded I just keep moving no matter what.

      • It is indeed sad you are so jaded you can ignore such an outlandish show of disrespect. I’m sorry they did that….no matter how bad they thought it was, there is never cause to do such a thing to another human being who is only trying to serve you 😦

      • The Hook says:

        I fight back when I feel the gesture isn’t futile, Courtney. At this point in my career, it takes quite a bit to surprise me and make me deviate from protocol.

      • I agree with Michael…. Hang in there, you deserve better 🙂

      • I understand…sometimes you have to pick your battles. Why expend the energy if it will not do any good. Still….I’m sorry someone did that! It makes me ill when people can be so callous to someone who is just doing their job :-/
        I have a similar visceral reaction when I learn of soldiers have been spit on just walking down the street OF THE US! And there is nothing they can do… It’s just…wrong!

  25. Nicole Marie says:

    Ugh! The worst! Hang in there, Hook!

  26. Louise says:

    Ah – I had not considered this perspective of March Break. Me? I’m still at the “sigh, I had to find alternate daycare arrangements for the week/thank God my youngest’s daycare provider had space and I didn’t have to find a day camp or take leave” stage of life. When I hit the “travelling for March Break” stage in about a half decade I’ll make a note to be extra nice to anyone in the service industry…

  27. bfg666 says:

    Poor Hook! You didn’t even have the seconds to type the final period…

  28. May the Force be with you, My Friend. It sounds like you are going to need it.

  29. bardictale says:

    Hold tight, sir. Cookies and tea?

  30. that’s awful that people are so rude! Pity you can’t scream right back at them – that or shoot them. Both seem fit punishment to me.

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