Let’s get a few things straight.

To say this has been a strange week on WordPress is like saying Lizzie Borden was merely “acting out”.
It’s been CRAZY around here, folks, but I have no interest in wading into this unmitigated disaster. However, I do love a good rant – especially when it serves a purpose and reflects my own sensibilities regarding the blogging biz.
Rachel is a gal who knows who she is and what she wants.
I like that.
I think you will too.

"As For Me, I am a watercolor

I do not consider “wordpress” to be my family. This is not some silly imaginary family/community for me.
I have a real family. I also have real friends.

This was supposed to a place for me to WRITE. I’m a WRITER.

No, for real.

I am not looking for “friends” and I do not play by anyone’s fucking rules but my own.

I am who I am. I am a person who WILL speak out about ABUSE and if someone is being predatory. I take on full responsibility when I do that because I put the stamp of my REAL NAME on it. I know what LIBEL is, I am well versed in dealing with abusers and what I can and can’t do with regards to information that is MINE.

I appreciate those who came here and supported me in outing Eric. It seems that he hurt a ton of…

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About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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60 Responses to Let’s get a few things straight.

  1. Calamity Rae laid it out there.

    Other than to say that I agree with CJ, I shall refrain from further comment.

  2. It has been a crazy week for sure….

  3. I actually read this before your re-blog. Definitely an eye opener for me.

  4. 😛
    Nothing left to say.

  5. Maybe the full moon??? IDK…things are crazy everywhere *sigh* :-/

    • The Hook says:

      They certainly are, Courtney.
      We’ve had corporate drones. horny young females and hockey families at the hotel this weekend. That mixture is as volatile as it gets…

  6. Brenda says:

    Yo Hook, that was a rant to end all rants. I enjoyed it. I like a good rant, too. I think if she was in my face, saying all that, gun in hand, I might feel a bit differently, but on-line, at a distance, it made sense. I hope we all get through these winter months and don’t feel we are in the Shining.

    • The Hook says:

      I always say this to guests: “The only difference between my life in the winter and the folks in The Shining is that those folks had more fun.

      • Brenda says:

        LOL, Hook, you are funny. I hear another arctic blast is coming. Happy happy joy joy. Luckily we don’t have any axes in the house. 🙂 Warmly (despite the rain and hail), Brenda

      • bfg666 says:

        Yeah, few things are funnier than chasing your own family with an axe. What a blast! xD

  7. Lindsay says:

    What did I miss?! I guess I’m not in the “cool crowd” here on WP b/c I’m clueless, even after reading that!

  8. Littlesundog says:

    I went back on Rachel’s blog to read prior posts leading up to the re-blog. There is a lot of anger there, and rightly so. I understand where Rachel comes from and I am familiar with predators and sociopaths… it’s a disturbing world we live in. The devastating betrayal of a close friend was what eventually sent me running for the woods, to lick my wounds and heal.

    I no longer choose to engage with people who are dangerous, but I do meet them from time to time. They are everywhere. Tapping into inner radar and instinct (as the animals do) and being ever alert to “fight or flight” is our best defense.

  9. I saw this before I dropped by here, I’m glad she got it out, she obviously really needed to and it is her space. Thanks for the support.

  10. Wow….I was just brought up to speed on the whole drama as well. I’m very glad I feel so far removed from it all. I shall sit in my corner of the couch and continue on with my life and hope the dust settles soon.

  11. veronicasbook says:

    Ouch! It’s times like these I am happy I live under a rock and have no idea what the fuck is going on anywhere else. Something serious went down, and while curious am not going to investigate. It does not concern me (I am concerned) so I will get on with my own crazy shit life.

    It does make me angry that people are so happy to sit behind their computer screens and deal this kind of shit. Losers.

  12. I’m in the same boat as Lindsay. What happened?

    • The Hook says:

      Apparently two bloggers became friendly outside of the public sphere and that’s where things went horribly awry.
      E-mails were exchanged. Flirtatious comments were exchanged and lines were crossed. One of the parties decided it was in her best interest to share the situation and in doing so gave voice to the concerns of many others who felt intimidated and abused by the individual in question.

      And so here we are.
      Rachel has been verbally abused over the course of the last few days and her anger/frustration has boiled over, understandably so.

      And now you are up to date, Lindsey.
      You’re welcome.

  13. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for your brief explanation. I’m pretty oblivious out here on my edge of the blogosphere. But I raise my glass to Rachel, awesome rant!

  14. And once again, I am so glad I heeded my hard-earned inner voice. Thanks for the re-post Hook. Lesson learned. Cheers friend.

    • The Hook says:

      I’ve lived to serve.
      Besides, I’ve been overwhelmed lately and will be for the foreseeable future, so this fit the bill nicely. It’s just unfortunate this situation occurred at all.

  15. Love your comment about the Shining. The most brutal thing about winter is how awfully long and boring it is.

  16. jmlindy422 says:

    This whole business is so ugly. I am read up on everything and I take no sides. I am so saddened by all of it, all the way around.

  17. bfg666 says:

    The internet is one of the most powerful inventions in human history and as such, it can be used to do either great good or great harm. Like any other tool, it all amounts to what we choose to make of it. Sadly, human nature being as it is, a lot of morons choose to hide behind their screens to safely (or so they think!) harass people like any random 12-year-old bully.

    Scratch that. More than just bullying, Eric’s methods actually seem awfully similar to those of a sect leader. It would be interesting to learn about the reasons behind his divorce. Anyway, it’s good to know that Rachel exposed this pathetic excuse for a human being publicly.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I read the article and feel saddened that this sort of rubbish has to happen. Then I read through the comments and realise what actually happened, and feel disgusted that people are so nasty and such cowards. Another reason I am happy I have contact with very few people online.

  19. Picked this up from Guapola today, not really party to what has gone on but the response from the vast majority of people is heart warming to say the least. Rock on my friend!

  20. PsiFiGal says:

    I read this post the other day, just went to check out the rest of her blog, her blog is closed! I don’t know what happened, I hope she’s ok. I’m neutral on the subject, I don’t like bullies but I don’t know the whole story either.

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