5×5 With The Hook: Vanessa-Jane Chapman

You’re in for a real treat this week, guys ‘n gals.

Vanessa-Jane Chapman has gone above and beyond in the interest of friendship and better living through better blogging. Click on her awe-inspiring, soul-delighting, mind-blowing blog and you’ll be amazed to be in her presence. As they say, she does it all, kids, from writing to acting to baking to educating young whippersnappers. I get exhausted just reading about her accomplishments, never mind how she feels! In short, she is larger than life and twice as real, hence the many myths surrounding her existence – which I swear I didn’t just manufacture.

VJC MYTH #1:  She once beat a critic with a dead cat.

TRUTH:  The cat wasn’t dead. Vanessa Chapman VJC MYTH #2:  Her blood is so potent it contains the cure to every disease known to man.

TRUTH:  She doesn’t actually have blood in her veins, but rather, a substance akin to ambrosia that is considered to powerful human consumption.

But enough of my banter. After all, you’re here for some Q & A, right? So let’s start the show, kiddies….

1) Popcorn: Delicious treat or cruel trap set by money-grabbing dentists?


  Oh delicious treat definitely. I like mine with tooth-friendly melted butter and sea salt. I have a funny popcorn story – years ago, for a joke, my ex told me that there are only four possible different shapes that popcorn can pop into. I totally believed him and every time I had popcorn after that I would compare the shapes. Literally about five years later I finally said, “You know, I think you’re wrong about the popcorn shapes, I’m sure there are more than four.” He had no clue what I was talking about, it had been so long he had completely forgotten he’d ever said it! Gullible? Me?!

Vanessa eating popcorn


2) Writers seem to be overly critical of their own work but they have little difficulty heaping praise on others; who is currently your favorite author?


  I’m studying for a Masters degree, so my reading at the moment is all of the academic variety. But I will take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Lorinda J. Taylor. This self-published author (self-published through choice, not rejection) writes sci-fi/fantasy books that deserve a cult following, they really do (giant intelligent termites anyone?). I’m not usually a sci-fi fan, but I read her disturbing and thought-provoking novella, “Monster is in the Eye of the Beholder” in one sitting, and was hooked; it’s not a book you forget in a hurry. Here I am with a couple of her other books:

 Vanessa with books


 And to give you a taste, here is a quote from one of them, The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head:

 “The smallest nymph or the oldest Warrior, or the most weak-minded Dung Carrier is treated with equal dignity and in death with equal grief. When an individual breaks this instinctive order, as the Unnatural Alate did, putting his own gain above all others’ good, the whole fortress must come together to rectify the crime.”



3) Favorite guilty pleasure: Music?


  All the cheesiest 80s tunes; they represent my teenage years. Plus songs from musicals, especially South Pacific and Bugsy Malone. Hang on, I’m going to put some on and have a little sing and dance right now, I’ll be back in a sec…


4) The world is currently fascinated with celebrity meltdowns, but who is a celebrity you feel deserves more credit for being a positive force in the world?


  I’m going to go for someone that most people probably haven’t heard of – Richard Saunders. He’s an Australian skeptic who writes and presents on television and radio, researching various claims by testing them with science. A lot of problems in the world are caused by ignorance, or by people simply believing what is presented to them without question. I therefore feel that someone whose mission is to make people stop and think and question, rather than just accept, is a positive force in the world. He’s also a professional origamist, how awesome is that!



5) As a bellman I’m fascinated by the whole concept of travel. Name the best aspect of travel, in your opinion.


  Taking time out from my everyday life and immersing myself in a completely different world, just for a short time. I can’t understand people who travel and then spend their time away seeking out familiar things from home, such as food. Experiencing things I don’t experience at home is what it’s all about for me. That, and the local beer…

Vanessa with beer

 Told you she was a goddess amongst mortals. Shame on you disbelievers out there.

I think we all need to take some time to process VJC’s greatness, so let’s break for lunch, shall we?

Talk to you soon, folks.



About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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60 Responses to 5×5 With The Hook: Vanessa-Jane Chapman

  1. Thanks for having me over Hookmeister! And I’m humbled by your introduction of me. I shall be back later after I’ve done a victory dance around the streets….

    • The Hook says:

      Glad to have you, VJC – metaphorically speaking, of course.
      As for that victory dance, just be sure and put that local beer down first!

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  3. She is super cute and delightful, as are you, Mr. Hook. I too don’t understand peoe who travel and then dine at places we have right here at home. Oh, you tries a Denny’s in Savannah? Please tell me all about it!! That was sarcasm for the sarcasmly challenged btw. Thanks for these great interviews.

  4. “Oh, you tries a Denny’s in Savannah? Please tell me all about it!!” – Yes, exactly, well said, what is all that about?, nuts!

    Great interview Mr Hookage – bravo!

    Is it time for Breaking Bad and a beer yet?

  5. I just discovered the shout-out you gave me! Hey, thanks so much! That was a fine quotation to pick, too! And I have to say, Vanessa, that you are so photogenic – it’s no wonder you’re an actress along with all your other talents! As for myself, I generally look like an idiot in my pictures.

  6. Carrie Rubin says:

    Great interview! Love the popcorn story. And I also love popcorn itself. One of my two food-related vices. The other is chocolate, of course. And I’m with you, Vanessa–when one travels, the best thing is seeking out the new and different. 🙂

  7. Sofia says:

    I enjoyed reading the interview.
    Did you take her pictures?

  8. aFrankAngle says:

    Gotta love popcorn … well, and Vanessa, too! Hook … good questions!

  9. Lily says:

    This is awesome! I’m pretty gullible like that too!
    I love all the pictures! My 5×5 isn’t going to be as entertaining as this one!

  10. Ah, Robert, that was a great interview of an amazing person! I understand how one could “get exhausted just reading about her accomplishments” in a good way!!! Thank you both! BTW, that beer… very familiar! 😉

  11. I do love VJC. She is a breath of fresh air, and always a good, often funny, forever delightful read.

  12. Katie says:

    I should’ve had more pictures my 5×5, dang it! She seems pretty cool!

  13. A DE-light-ful interview. I especially loved the intro. Drum roll please. To my way of thinking, you have been well pegged; a true-blue capture of your essence., Vanessa. More power to you. 😀 Go forward and grow recognition for your varied and imaginative works. 🙂

  14. Great interview, Robert and Vanessa! I just had some popcorn moments ago. Now, I will have to examine them. I’ll check out your recommended author. I like sci/fi, too.

  15. bulldog says:

    Oh Hookman I did enjoy this interview with the intrepid VJC… she is a Master at interviewing others, nice to see her on the other end… I would love to just sit and chat to this woman, I think ones day would be a barrel of laughs… I love her…

    • Intrepid! Thank you. You never know, one day we might get a chance to sit and chat, I hope I wouldn’t be a disappointment to you. I would love to meet you and Linda.

      • bulldog says:

        Invulnerable to fear or intimidation… that’s VJC, you don’t know how Linda and I would love that… it would definitely be an all day talk…

  16. 4amWriter says:

    I heart Vanessa! 🙂 I’m so thrilled to learn you’re a beer drinker, V. There aren’t many of us sophisticated, elegant chicks around, you know. I’m not much of a popcorn eater, so I might have believed the 4 shape fib, too. 😉 Great interview, Hook, you chose well.

    • Ahh, so you’re a beer drinker too! When I have a drink, it is generally beer I go for, I do really like red wine too but it wipes me out, so it’s a rarer choice for me! I still compare the popcorn shapes out of habit, even though I know it wasn’t true now.

  17. Mayumi-H says:

    Hello from a (former) neighbor from Buffalo!
    I’m curious, Mr. Hook, how you came to know Vanessa. Maybe you crossed paths in your global travels? I wonder, now, if Ms. Vanessa has ever been to Niagara Falls. Where would you recommend her and other visiting folks to go? (I like Yukiguni, myself.)

    I already knew Vanessa as a positive Internet and blogging influence. But it was great to learn more facts and stories about her, here!

    • The Hook says:

      The Bird Aviary is a wonderful, tropical retreat this time of year.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I’m Vanessa will be thinking you herself soon. (She’s pretty cool that way.)

    • Hi Mayumi! I can’t remember exactly but I think The Hook and I probably initially crossed paths via Le Clown – do you know A Clown on Fire’s blog? It’s hard to remember sometimes how we started out interacting with a particular blogger isn’t it! I haven’t been to Niagara Falls unfortunately, no.

  18. RageMichelle says:

    This is awesome. And I am definitely looking into those sci-fi books.

  19. Aussa Lorens says:

    Aaah hahaha the popcorn thing is amazing– I will now be inflicting this upon my poor little nieces and nephews.
    Also, love VJC! Her poem she wrote for the blogger who correctly guessed her “5 Truths and a Lie” rocked my face off.

  20. Cayman Thorn says:

    I love everything about this interview. But the real brass tacks of your impressive skill set comes with the end game, and your local beer revelation . . praise be for knowing what it’s all about Hook. Praise be.

  21. Being the popcorn addict that I am, I thank you for that whole “only four shapes” myth finally being outed as false.

  22. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    Hook, you are TOO much!!! What’s that in your pocket?

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