This One Speaks For Itself…


  • Woke up with a headache/stomachache combo. Lovely.
  • I decided to drive to work today after dropping my daughter off at the zoo, school.
  • Turns out I left my key for the employee lot in my locker, so I parked beside the building, ran in and made it to the lot just as someone else was pulling in so I didn’t need actually my key.
  • And I tripped on the way in.

Then, after all was said and down and I entered the front lobby to begin my day, I was confronted by this vehicle parked in front of the hotel in full view of anyone and everyone in the lobby…



I love renovation season – and my job in general.

Seriously though, what sort of person devotes such little thought or discretion to his company’s name? By all accounts, this company is reputable and competent in all areas of operation. With one glaring exception, of course….


In an effort to counter-act any emotional scars I may have inflicted upon you, I now present the following post from Diane Gallagher. Her words stirred my soul and I know you’ll be as impressed as I was with her humanity and the subject of her attention.


Five years ago, my husband, who works with students with special needs, was assigned to work with a 10-year-old boy by the name of Adam. It was a year later that Adam first really came onto my radar. Read more here…

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51 Responses to This One Speaks For Itself…

  1. tteclod says:


    The entire structural professional is riddled with lewd jargon. Another favorite of mine is “strip and spread footings” – in other words, continuous and individual foundations. I’ve begun to think we pick these terms to be offensive to women in order to keep them clear of the profession. Since the tactic appears effective, I can’t much argue with it.

    A Kentucky company selling large air circulation fans is named Big Ass Fans. Many HVAC designers enjoy writing that on construction drawings. Proof:

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Read and followed her. They are good people.

  3. rossmurray1 says:

    I have to agree; I think way too much thought went into that company name.

  4. In all honesty I could not say out loud, “I work for Mammoth Erection”.
    Thanks for pointing out “Adam” and Diane Gallagher. Great story!

  5. Katie says:

    Their logo is clever, too. Is that a woolly mammoth I see?

  6. Maybe it’s all the fumes from materials that gives the construction guys the inspirations? (Oh, Big Ass Fans – they are for real)
    Thanks for the heads up for Diane’s great big wheels’ post (you knew someone had to say that – right?)

  7. Michael says:

    Well, that’s certainly an unfortunate name for a company.

  8. twindaddy says:

    I can’t stop laughing at that truck. I can’t believe that’s a company name. That is just too hilarious.

  9. rougedmount says:

    I love the name..its freakin’ hysterical and perfect!

  10. Excellent redirect – and I love mammoth erections…

  11. The Cutter says:

    They should have drawn their mammoth logo with a…well, you can figure out where I’m going with this.

  12. MissFourEyes says:

    If anything they’re sure to be remembered. How can you forget Mammoth Erection?!

  13. The Guat says:

    I trip out on how you had a bad morning but then something out of nowhere decided to make you laugh. Too funny

  14. Lucky Wreck says:

    Oh my goodness…there are SO many things to say about a company called Mammoth Erection…I don’t even know where to start! 😀 I hope your day started to get better after that 🙂 I am off to read the post about Adam.

  15. I like a company that takes a risk with their name! Not only are they remembered, but people photograph them and put the pictures on blogs and so on, thus giving them free advertising! 😉

  16. Lady Lovely says:

    The story you shared just melted and warmed my heart!

  17. jlheuer says:

    Oh you think they didn’t know what they were doing when they picked that name…..ha!
    And what a juxtaposition with the next story which was very inspiring.

  18. mairedubhtx says:

    Diane has a wonderful story. Thanks for posting it. And that truly is an unfortunate name for a company. Shudder.

  19. Kanerva says:

    Lovely share – there really are some great people out there.

    As for those Mammoth Erections, it’s typically foolish. Now will be remembered for ever more by your faithful fans even if we never can avail ourselves of their services 😀

  20. Diane C says:

    Hey Robert! Thanks so much for the re-blog. I’ve never seen so much traffic on any of my posts before! And, I just have to comment on the “Mammoth Erection”. My dad worked in Burrard Shipyards in North Vancouver for years. He was a pipefitter. He worked in the part of the shipyard where they put the new ships together. This huge hanger-like building had the enormous sign on it “Erection Shop”. My teenage girlfriends and I would go into paroxysms of laughter whenever we mentioned any of our father’s jobs – my dad won hands down (pun intended). Sadly, when Expo 86 happened in Vancouver, Premier Vanderzalm made the shipyard take down the sign and it never went back up (pun 100% totally intended). Before that happened, pictures of the Erection Shop made their way into international fame on tv shows like the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson actually showed the picture of it on two or three different episodes!

  21. Do you think they do a good job? Imagine asking for a reference….


    So I laughed at myself when Google shed light that she sheds her duds.

    >In an effort to counter-act any emotional scars I may have inflicted upon you
    – Ah, ever the concerned one!

    >I now present the following post from Diane Gallagher.
    – It worked.

    I love these shots in the arm. Thanks, Hook!


    P.S.: Hope your day ended on a different note.

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