Happy Birthday, Mom.

I have to admit, writing this post has proven to be a colossal challenge – and then some.

Its not that I don’t love my mother, but I ask you, are a few paltry words sufficient compensation for bestowing life to another human being? In my forty-two years on this plane of existence I’ve managed – sometimes against all odds –  to have a great life.

  • I have a job that has yielded much more than financial rewards; its given me an outlet for my creative energies.
  • I have the best family any man could ask for. They bust my “you-know-whats” whenever they can, but they still rock.
  • My friends include colleagues, bloggers and the same bunch of guys I’ve known since childhood. How many people can say that?

It appears to be fashionable these days to share some sort of childhood trauma with the world; I’ve lost track of the number of celebrities who claim to have suffered abuse at the hands of a loved one during their formative years.

I grew up surrounded by love. If I needed something, I got it. More importantly, if I wanted something, I got it. Now I’m a father and the circle has closed; its my turn to guide another human being along the right path using common sense, friendship, compassion and love as the compass.

To the world at large, you’re Karin. To me, you’ll always be “Mom”. And I love you.

Happy Birthday, Mom. And thanks.

What else is there to say?

So do me a favor, folks, and wish Mom a happy birthday, all right?

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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89 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mom.

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    Happy Birthday to Karin! It’s also my granddaughters’ 17th birthday. A good day all round.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    You’re a lucky man.. and Happy Birthday to your Mom

  3. Livonne says:

    Happy Birthday Karin… sons really do grow up to be amazing people.. don’t they 🙂

  4. Le Clown says:

    The Hook,
    You can tell your mom that Le Clown wishes her a happy birthday. Her day is now complete.
    Le Clown

  5. Kanerva says:

    Only a fool with a heart of stone would not be moved to wish your Mum happy birthday 🙂 snowy birthday greetings Karin xxx

  6. MissFourEyes says:

    Hook, you made me awwww . Your mom sounds wonderful, hope she has a great birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Karin!

  7. susielindau says:

    Have an especially fabulous birthday Karin! You did a great job raising a fine son like the Hook! 🙂

  8. I hope someday my child can say the same wonderful things about me. What a lovely tribute to your mom, Hook! May she have the best of birthdays surrounded by people who love her, namely you! Xxoo

  9. Brother Jon says:

    Happy Birthday Mom! Well, I guess I’m part of the world, so Happy Birthday Karin. There you go, to birthday wishes. I really hope you have a great day.

  10. Ray's Mom says:

    Happy birthday from one mom to another. You did a magnificant job raising a super son, what else can a mom want? Birthday blessings and a special wish for many, many more happy, healthy birthdays.

  11. J.D. Gallagher says:

    Happy birthday Karin.

  12. twindaddy says:

    Happy birthday, Hook’s mom! What a dubious honor it must be to have brought the Hook into this world.

  13. Sandee says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love the way you describe being guided by a compass of love. What a beautiful post.

  14. rebecca2000 says:

    Happy birthday mom Hook. I hope your spoiled rotten!

  15. Bob Lee says:

    A Great Big Happy Birthday Karin. I agree with Rebecca, hope you’re spoiled rotten too.

  16. F. says:

    Happy birthday Karin! All the way from Kuwait 🙂

  17. El Guapo says:

    From what you’ve written of you and your relationship with your wife and daughter, it sounds like your mom did a great job raising you,and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

  18. Smaktakula says:

    Happy birthday, Mother Hook!

  19. Super Happy Birthday Mother Hook! You sound like a wonderful woman from a stupendous family!!
    And I feel you Hook, I never know just how to convey to my parents my love and appreciation for all they’ve done for me in life!

  20. leah says:

    The happiest of birthdays to you, Hook’s Mere. We owe a ton of gratitude to you for bringing him to us!

  21. JackieP says:

    Happy Birthday to Hook’s mom!!! Happy birthday to Karin! Happy birthday to you! May your day be blessed with light and love!

  22. I also grew up in a home filled with an abundance of love and many blessings. How ironic it is that in my paying job now as an adult, I am surrounded by the worst of the worst stories in our society. I am glad I can ‘sometimes” help, but I am even more grateful that it opens my eyes to how wonderful my own family of origin is and how blessed I am to have the knowledge and love to now do the same. So, happy birthday Karin…and a job well done!

  23. dogear6 says:

    Happy Birthday Karin! What a nice tribute from your son. Inquring minds do want to know though – is his comedy part of the genetics? Ya’ know – nature or nurture?


  24. Jo Bryant says:

    Happy birthday Karin !!!!!!!!!!!
    And Hook – well done !!!!!!!!!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Where would we be without mums?? Ok don’t answer that. From the bottom of the world, happy, sunny birthday wishes coming your way. 😀

  26. Many Happy returns Ma Hook!

  27. La La says:

    Hope your mom had a very happy birthday!!

  28. What a sweet post. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday, and I think it is completely awesome that you are still friends with some of your childhood friends. … Happy belated Birthday, Karin!

  29. robincoyle says:

    Lovely tribute to your mom here. You done good. She must be so proud.

  30. Happy Birthday Mom!
    Hook, great post -( and she probably feels YOU are her beat present ever…moms are like that)
    Oh, RC has announced those fireworks over the realm are in her honor.

  31. Confessions of Your Husband's Mistress says:

    I hope she had a great birthday! And what a wonderful son she has!

  32. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I’m loving this post. Hope your mom had a great birthday. The fact that you are an awesome person with a great sense of humor says a lot about her as a parent. Great post 🙂

  33. Karmel says:

    I consider also wish a happy birthday to your mom, she deserves it, also have a son so grateful and so beautiful person.
    . Sorry going a little late, but I need time to get to everything.

    A abazo The Hook

  34. TBM says:

    I’m late to the party, but I want to wish your mom a happy bday! Very nice words Hook.

  35. Happy Karin day! Hook, your mother and I share the same name (although a very slightly different spelling)….which already makes both of us cool by default. What a wonderful tribute! Parent blog posts I find are always the hardest. Nothing we say can ever be adequate.

  36. Cameron says:

    Happy birthday to Karin!

  37. Oh no! Look what I missed!

    >It appears to be fashionable these days to share some sort of childhood trauma with the world;
    – Fashionable – possibly. Therapeutic – more likely, me thinks.

    >I’ve lost track of the number of celebrities who claim to have suffered abuse at the hands of a loved one during their formative years.
    – I think this is a good thing because some people (and that’s a conservative estimate) think that celebs lead a glamourous lifestyle minus the grim realities everyone else experiences.

    >I grew up surrounded by love.
    – And good on you for remembering that even today.

    > Now I’m a father and the circle has closed; its my turn to guide another human being along the right path using common sense, friendship, compassion and love as the compass.
    – Not so quick, Hook. We, your readers, are locked within that circle, too. We benefit from your goodness as well. Hats off to your very first teacher(s)*! 🙂

    *I mean your dad, too.

    >So do me a favor, folks, and wish Mom a happy birthday, all right?
    – Pssh. Since when have I responded to the crack of a whip? Oh, never. Yeah, you didn’t do it now, of course, but I’d wish your mum anyway.

    Have a wonderful … year (since I’m several days late). You’ve done a darned fine job with your son, Hook’s Mom!


    P.S.: Rushed here. I’ve just read through your other posts now, but can’t comment. 😦 Enjoyed them nonetheless.

  38. Jeanne Heuer says:

    Happy Birthday Karin

  39. A heartfelt post, Hook. There’s really no return for what our parents, and our mothers in particular, do for us. I consider a mother’s love as a blessing for me. I’m sure all the people who read and commented feel the same.

  40. renxkyoko says:

    A happy birthday to your Mom, Mr. Hook. So many people should love her for giving birth to you, and for raising a wonderful son, and who is now raising a wondeful family … spread the love.

  41. I’m LATE!!!
    ummmmm brrruummmm

  42. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Hook. 🙂
    Rob, mine has left the country to return to where her heart always resided,
    It was her birthday at the end of last month so I left her a nice message and song on her Facebook profile.
    You’re right, words do sometimes seem feeble in our attempts to show them how much we appreciate the love they have given to us.

  43. Happy birthday, Mom!

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