An Explanation From The Hook…

They say the unknown can be filled with wonder and joyous beauty.

I’ve always found it to be filled with shock and awe.

I’m sure many of you were puzzled by my Niagara Falls Comic-Con post; I know I was. I kept thinking, “This is the best I can do? Where is the unbridled enthusiasm of a lifelong comic geek?”

Well, I’ll tell you something, folks… My zeal evaporated Saturday morning when the phone rang at 8:30 A.M and my father-in-law told me something that has changed all our lives in the days since.

One of our oldest and dearest family friends passed away Friday and after the news sank in, I simply couldn’t unleash my inner child all over a comic book convention. Its as simple as that.

I had a blast, of course, the organizers knocked themselves out and really changed the landscape of my little home forever. Niagara Falls has needed an event of this caliber for years now and I love the fact the naysayers were pulverized by the turnout. The future looks bright for ‘cons in Niagara.

As for myself… its funny how we internalize grief, isn’t it? My first thoughts were directed to our good friend, Jim, of course, but then I thought of how much our lives were about to change.

My father-in-law met Jim every day for coffee… Without fail. They rekindled their youthful energies and hung out like two kids on summer vacation. I hope I have a good friend like Jim to brighten my twilight years when they finally arrive.

As for the present, I hope to rekindle my enthusiasm for all things douchebag by our next visit together. Take care of yourselves, in the meantime, okay?

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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75 Responses to An Explanation From The Hook…

  1. iamnotshe says:

    Aw Hook, I’m so sorry. Knowing you, you will have VampireLover and some good buddies to hang out with and have a coffee with everyday when the twilight appears. So sorry for the loss of your Senior Fam. Member. xo

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, Hook. Your father-in-law will need something to fill in those wonderful coffee mornings; he’ll feel quite a void for a while. But I know you and your family will do whatever it takes to help him through this, and to get each other through as well. Comforting hugs to you all from the Daisy family.

  3. twindaddy says:

    My condolences. Don’t rush back to ranting about douchebags on our account.

  4. wherethedaytakesme says:

    My condolences for you and your father-in-law and family. Hugs and prayers.

  5. I shared your post about the KKK adopting a highway on my FB and it’s spawned a bit of a conversation, along with some more passing along of your post. I know we all love new readers, but isn’t it sad when we get them because other people are so darn stupid?

  6. zannyro says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of someone so special in your lives….Sending hugs to you and your family..especially your Father.

  7. Jo Bryant says:

    Dearest Hook and VampireLover, I am so sorry for the loss of your father-in-law’s companion and friend and for the rest of the family. I will be thinking of you in this time.

  8. I’m sorry man. Take you’re time, there’s no rush.

  9. meanwhilein3 says:

    Sorry to hear that! I am glad to see the turnout was great.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. It’s always hard to lose someone as special as Jim sounded. Take your time. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  11. becca3416 says:

    So sorry to hear that. You are still awesome though.

  12. Losing a friend, especially one with whom you shared your daily coffee, hurts. But you will always have the memories of the times together to fill your hearts. Hugs to you and your family, Hook.

  13. My condolences, man. Keep your head up, and I wish you and your family the best.

  14. Yes, my dear Hook…. Your ‘unbridled enthusiasm of a lifelong comic geek’, no doubt, will return however; as an avid reader of your blog I say – allow the love, dear one…. allow yourself to grieve and savour the past; it makes our present so real….

  15. Lily says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend. That’s hard. Comic con looks like a ton of fun! I need to go one of these days!

  16. sexuallifeofawife says:

    Sorry to her about your loss – especially for your father-in-law.
    Lots of love sx

  17. So sorry for your loss. Grieving is such an odd thing—full of sadness, ache and love. I wish you and yours all the healing possible.

  18. Val says:

    Sorry for your family’s loss, Hook.
    No need to rush back with the douchebag-bashing… it’s always worth waiting for!

  19. Woman says:

    Mister The Hook and the Hook Family;

    I had to smile when you talked about your father meeting up with Jim for coffee on a daily basis and being reminded of their youth. I hope your family remembers the good times they had with Jim as he sounds like quite the character.


  20. mairedubhtx says:

    My sympathy to you and your family on the death of your family friend. My you all find peace.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Take your time, care for your family, and allow the grief to settle. We’ll all be here when you return. Losing a best friend is always hard, especially at Jim’s age. ((hugs)) xo

  22. Hugs my friend….xoxox

  23. Hey Hook sorry about your loss.. take your time…
    hugs and tc

  24. TBM says:

    Hook I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with your father-in-law and all of your family. Take your time.

  25. Fiona says:

    I’m so sorry, Hook, for your loss – and am thinking of you. Sending hugs and saying prayers xxx

  26. Sounds like quite a loss. Hugs and warm positive energy sent. Good time to remember to appreciate all around every day.

  27. El Guapo says:

    Glad that your father in law has great memories of your friend.
    And glad you have great comic con memories to insulate you from the douchebags.

  28. Oh The Hook and VampireLover! I find the Universe to never be lacking in the oxymorons it throws around. Two majors at the EXACT same time. A wonderful, much anticipated event in your town that promises to bring more of the same, in turn helping to support The Hook famiglia.
    Then the bittersweet moment of the change of a dear Human Being into a Spirit only. Know that the energy of every person (douchbags and not) stays with us. Some are faint and small, like dust. Others are Large and encompassing, like a blanket. Jim was like a blanket to all of you. He is there anytime you want to talk or listen to him or see what he is thinking. You just have to close your eyes and allow him to be present with you. Dad(in-law) needs something ot someone new to meet for coffee. Maybe a grandson/daughter, niece or nephew? Or another friend of Jim’s.
    Allow the feelings of the grief process to be a part of you all and then let them go on back into the Flow.
    I am SOOO happy the Comic CON went so well! I thought I told you I had been to Niagara Falls once, though we stayed in Buffalo (an old spooky place there).
    We have LOTS of CONS in Indy and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Know for sure that Jim wants you to continue to be the Best Hook you can be, enthusiasm, rants and all!
    Cheers to the entire Hook clan (including Jim!) Much Love…AmberLena

  29. Haven’t been around much, and am so sorry to hear about this loss, the first time I’m stopping back by. No need to apologize to anyone though, for what you are or are not up to doing. One thing I’ve learned this past year in blogging is that the audience is much wider than I ever anticipated. It matters little what you write about, or even how well you write at times, there will always be ‘someone’ who takes something away from it. And you are ridiculously brilliant…so no worries, k? 😉

  30. mj monaghan says:

    Tough loss, my friend. Hang in there, Hook family. I feel your pain.

  31. mizqui says:

    What a thoughtful and considerate kid you are. The size of your heart is admirable. STAY YOUNG! I look fwd to reading your next Comic Con post – when you go full unbridled. (-: Be encouraged and stay geeky!

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  33. J.D. Gallagher says:

    Sorry to hear that, Hook. Take care.

  34. mLr says:

    Sorry for your families loss Hook, all the best mate.

  35. The Guat says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes that happens. You have this big event you’ve been looking forward to for weeks and something tragic happens. So it does kind of change perspective. I’m glad you were still able to go, though. Sending you positive vibes.

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