Is A Happy, Productive Sunday A Bad Omen?

For most people Sunday is a gift from the Big Guy; a day to recharge mentally and physically and prepare for the challenges of the next week.

For me, the coming week is an opportunity to prepare for the next Sunday! By now anyone familiar with my “work” knows Sunday is a challenging day, filled with challenging people.

At least, it normally is. Last Sunday was an exception. And yes, you read that correctly.

My first room was occupied by a well-behaved young girl – enough of an exception to the norm – and her well-dressed, enlightened mother. They epitomized the “classy traveler” you may read about in other blogs. If you’ve surmised my complimentary tone stems from the size of my gratuity, pat yourself on the back. My packing skills served me well and left me with an excellent start to my busiest day of the week.

Next up was a pack of crazy cougars who, in their own words, “Left their hubbies behind to get lucky in the casino and laid in the hotel!” Apparently they were successful on both counts. Their collective victory glow left them generous and a little confused; they wanted two carts for five bags! “We have two separate cars,” was their explanation. Hey, tip me enough and you can have all the carts you want.

I followed the cougars with a room of “mixed nuts” – 3 upbeat, wacky cougars, and their 3 perky, bubbly daughters who actually had a “super time” and had no complaints whatsoever. Of course, I learned long ago to avoid the question “So how was your stay?” It just isn’t worth the possible complications. The ladies were happy-go-lucky and generous; the perfect guests for an imperfect day.

I suspect they may have been Stepford Wives and daughters, but either way, I walked away unscathed and a few dollars richer. The final call of the morning consumed thirty minutes of my time and was the most bizarre of the week.

  • A self-proclaimed “party planner”, one of those people who swoop in like a tornado, checked in on Thursday with 4 carts worth of supplies and tipped two of my colleagues $20.
  • She returned Friday night with 3 more carts full of Dollar Store crap. Not only did she neglect to tip The Hook and another colleague, she asked for her own cart! The real shocker? I actually gave her one, on the condition she would return it later that night.
  • Later in the evening she became embroiled in a heated exchange with one of our bartenders which ended with those infamous words, “I’d like to speak with your manager!”
  • At some point on Saturday she suffered a slight setback; she was hospitalized for clinical depression.
  • On Sunday morning her sister and 3 friends arrived to empty the room, which at this point looked like God threw up in it! The bathroom floor alone was filled with 30 single bottles of alcohol. I arrived to see my cart – still full of crap – sitting in the room. One deep breath later, I set to work. A mere 5 carts later, the task was complete and I walked away with blog material and $40 dollars American.

All things considered, it was a successful call in my books.

What does next Sunday hold? I have no idea, except that it’s safe to say it won’t be uneventful.

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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33 Responses to Is A Happy, Productive Sunday A Bad Omen?

  1. Ah, a day in the life of a hotel worker. One of my first jobs was cleaning hotel rooms, it was gross, like really gross. Plenty of sporting teams made their way through that hotel and destroyed it along the way, and I was left to clean it up. Oh the things I’ve seen.

  2. mindslam says:

    That was great…awesome blog material to go along with your $40.00.

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    Sounds like you’re almost restocked on enough tips to take your daughter to her next concert! 😉

  4. jlheuer says:

    Is Sunday always the craziest day?

  5. Androgoth says:

    Your Sunday days and nights are never dull my wickedly fine great friend and watching those Sexy Cougers getting into their party gear was… Well it could have been a night of plenty had you been naughty enough but then again you have all that you need with your Vampire Lover and that my friend is brilliant, now what was I saying? Ahhhh yes and those Sexy Cougers had nice tips too, TIPS I said 🙂

    As for the Part Planner well I would suggest not giving her one… Okay I know what you are thinking, but I actually meant giving her one of those carts, I will have to be careful what I say around here or my comments will be getting censored 🙂 lol

    Have a really great rest of day and evening Hook and do look forward to your next Sunday as it all happens on those nights by the look of your excellent postings 🙂 😉


  6. Hehehehehe, well even on your good days, you always get good blog fodder 🙂

  7. The Hobbler says:

    The blog material is worth it right? You don’t need tips. 😉

  8. I really, really don’t need the image image in my head of Heavenly vomitus! You couldn’t get me to do that for $400.

    As for the cougars who came to get laid and lucky…. I was home all weekend. HONEST.

  9. I love reading about all your days–happy and productive or full of things that make it harder to be happy or productive! You’ve got a gift that way.

  10. Jo Bryant says:

    Don’t you ever get the urge to paint the carts handles with hot chilli paste and just let them steal it – or even the toilet seats in the bathrooms…
    God know I would.

  11. Tell me you’re writing a book of your work tales…? I laughed out loud when I read ” which at this point looked like God threw up in it!”

    My mom told me about a shirt she found that read, “Careful. You may end up in my novel.” 😉 I wouldn’t suggest that you wear one, of course–incognito makes for better stories.

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  13. You deserve a happy, productive Sunday after all those horrible ones you have!

  14. I have never wondered what “god vomit” would look like but now I am curious…

  15. ernestwhile says:

    Are you sure she didn’t say “party planter”? Because she sounds like a tub of lichen and woody shrubs.

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