A Positive Message From The Hook?

I realize this blog devotes a great deal of space to shining a light of truth upon those who would spread darkness and stupidity across the North American hospitality industry.

In other words, I know I constantly rage against the douchebags I encounter, but someone has to! However, there are some positive aspects of my profession and life in general. Such as..

  • The Rapture was a big hoax perpetrated by morons hiding behind religion, so The Hook gets to fight douchebags for a little while longer.
  • The hand of Winter has finally loosened its icy grip on The Hook’s nether regions.
  • The warm rays of Summer will soon warm The Hook’s nether regions!
  • With the return of summer comes the reemergence of the greatest of travelers – the return guest! They tip well and they’re damn friendly to boot!
  • My “winter gut” has ceased its relentless expansion – I think.
  • I’ve expanded my roster of blogging allies to include foodies, world travellers, and sweet ‘n sexy sirens of the internet! There are also hot and feisty grannies, fledgling writers/critics and  those whose style defies description!
  • There are only three months until Fan Expo 2011, one of the greatest days of The Hook’s year!

Well, that’s all the positive energy I can process for now. I’ll have to revisit this post the next time some douchebag takes a shot at The Hook.

Like say, five minutes from now!

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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67 Responses to A Positive Message From The Hook?

  1. missjackie says:

    “The Rapture was a big hoax perpetrated by morons hiding behind religion, so The Hook gets to fight douchebags for a little while longer.”

    ~groan~ I hate when people make false prophecies. It’s like.. you’re (the morons) going to look like a complete moron, but you still had to open your stupid mouth, didn’t you?

    • The Hook says:

      Some people just can’t help themselves. The false prophet wo started all this Rapture hysteria made a ton of money for his “church”, so it all worked out!

  2. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    1. The Rapture: LOL, Only God has that answer. (IDIOTS)
    2. Winter is gone- Tornado’s are here in IL.
    3. Summer time – brings bugs, insects, all sorts of itchy things and crawling and flying things. UGH.
    4. I am 20lbs heavier lol from winter sitting indoors- but loving the reading I am doing and the blogging.
    5. Have a great day.

    • The Hook says:

      I hope you make it through tornado season unscathed. My daughter shares your revulsion when it comes to insects!
      You have a great day, too!

    • I’m with her! I love the warmth of summer, but the insects on our acreage are miserable to deal with because it’s surrounded by trees, oh and let’s not even talk about big-ass Wolf/tree spiders, and them jumping ones! I’m terrified of tornado’s, their activity seems to be increasing, and I live in Iowa which is a part of Tornado Alley (anything that has the word ‘alley’ in it can’t possibly bring about any positive connotations), and ((groan)) muffin-top might have a pleasing ring to it, but alas…only if it’s on a saucer. And last…tsk, tsk, tsk, I’m one of those morons that hide behind religion. Eh, scratch that…I believe in the Lord, not religion. But I didn’t buy into the hype either! And you’re right, it’s all about money, money, money. Life is full of scare tactics and those emotionally incapable of rationalizing it, unfortunately pay the ultimate price.

  3. Woman says:

    The world is ending! The world is ending!!!

    Have you gotten a tan yet since it is finally warming up???

  4. “hot and feisty grannies”…if you’re talking about me, Hook, I’ll take it! Your tip is in the mail…


  5. raisingdaisy says:

    I’m with Jackie about the bugs – I HATE them! They definitely put a bit of a chill into summer….yuck.

    I heard an interesting program about how many “end times” predictions there have been since the first one in the 1500s through today – apparently these shysters don’t learn from history. Every moron thinks he’s the only one who got it right. And even if someone DID get it right – who’d be around afterward to give him credit?!? LOL 😀

  6. penpusherpen says:

    just feeding from your positive energy, and good to read your nether regions will soon be warmer and your Winter gut expansion has ended. (Makes for an interesting photo in my head., but I will cast it aside and be positive!!) Apparently the World is now ending in October, the 23rd to be exact, so I’m bagsy-ing a front row seat. xPenx

  7. eva626 says:

    hehe great positive energy hook..thanks for passing it on!!

  8. Well the Rapture has been rescheduled I hear, to October 21 (my youngest son’s birthday by the way) He said he made a mistake on the dates…dumbass. You think something that important you could at least get the freaking date right, don’t ya think?

    Hahahahah, and I agree, BRING ON SUMMER!!!

  9. Lian says:

    It’s nice to see some positive news here for a change 🙂 Love the stories on all the douchebags though!

  10. Eric Sylvester says:

    I didn’t know which article to comment on (seeing as I read a bunch of them), so I’ll tack it on this one.

    LOVE the blog! I’m always the one in my circle of friends calling people out for their blatant stupidity. Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it…

    I’m new to the comic game, but love it! So far, I’ve only read Kevin Smith’s Batman arcs, his Green Hornet arc, completely up to date on The Walking Dead, and just started getting into The Boys… Along with hockey, it eats most of my paycheck.

    Haha, I’m not sure how you stumbled onto my blog, but thanks a lot for the reads! I subscribed to both of your blogs, and look forward to plenty of reading in the future 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Tans only happen where the sun shines! 😉
    Keep on fighting those douchebags, like you said … someone must.

  12. inidna says:

    Ah, Mr. Hook – I’m so glad that we all didn’t perish on Saturday so you got to write this funny blog and we got to read it! Hooray for the summer sunshine (nothing new for me here, although that’s bound to change in England) – I personally can’t wait to get my tan on at the beach in a few weeks time!! Yess 🙂

  13. why do you hate winters? Right now its scorching hot here in Pakistan and seriously we people wait for winter like anything! Winters are the best part of the year man!!

  14. mindslam says:

    You hit that “Rapture” junk right on the head with the line about those morons. Great positive points my friend!

  15. hawleywood40 says:

    I knew life wasn’t cruel enough to end the world on a Saturday – that crap’s for Mondays : )!

  16. gmomj says:

    Oh thank god I was afraid the fight against douchebags (that’s the first time I’ve ever used that term) had been abandoned.
    Nice to see how multi-faceted The Hook is.

  17. Aaron Babcock says:

    I enjoy your positive posts just as much as I do those in which you lambast douchebags! Also, I will never tire of jokes at the expense of the Rapture people, especially those foolish enough to sell all of their belongings/spend their savings on advertisements/max out their credit cards. It’s an ideal case of social Darwanism at work.

  18. brittany220 says:

    Ooh FanExpo sounds pretty cool, I like the pictures on the site! Yay for summer! Hopefully it actually starts feeling like summer here soon, it rained today and was freezing cold at my school’s football game I went to tonight! 😦

    • The Hook says:

      I hope you’re cuddled up with a sweater or a blanket as you’re blogging away! It’s raining here as I respond to your many comments. Isn’t that weird?

  19. All hail The Hooks nether regions for they have returned to normal. :)…………I have to say, I don’t think I could face winter in Canada. Well done for coming through. 🙂

  20. Truly false prophets will appear during our time. Anytime soon, though, the end will come. Only we don’t know when exactly. I hope you’re doing great. Have a nice day.

  21. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Wow, 42 comments, I almost didn’t bother. You might be too tired from responding! 🙂

    Okay, so hey positivite energy Hook’ster! I like. The Fan Expo looks awesome. I’d probably go to the Horror one…but I hate lines. I enjoy movies, and seeing Freddy Krueger would be cool, meeting Wes Craven, but unless they brought Vincent Price back from the dead (he is dead, right?) then I wouldn’t know who anyone was. Vincent Price was so creepy and the way he spoke, his facial expressions. Also, I wonder if Elvira will be Vicki Lawerence?- the orignal? Anyway, this event kind of reminds me of Comicon

    My friend tried to get me to go last year/couple years ago, as the Twilight group were there. She’s a huge Robert Pattison (sp?) fan. Then she told me that (after paying alot for your wrist band) you wait in huge lines, and may not even get in to see the person you want/autograph. What? No thanks! all that for a signature? uh-uh.

    Anyway, if you can plan a trip away from home…we’re heading up to British Columbia and will be in Victoria June 27th-29th and will be hooking up with Donna at Redneck Princess. Then we’ll be in Vancouver June 30th and July 1st. (what happens on Canada Day?) Then we’ll be back in the states to celebrate 4th of July. Fireworks baby!

    It sounds like you’re on the East Coast- above Michigan?

    Lake Forest, California USA

    • The Hook says:

      Southern Ontario is where The Hook hangs his bellman uniform. And I would LOVE to go to Comic-con, but the economic reality is I’m always going to be a Fan Expo guy. Not that it doesn’t rock! It’s the 3rd largest convention of it’s kind in North America, after all.
      Canada Day celebrations vary from province to province. Say “Hey” to Redneck Princess for me!
      By the way, your site rocks!

  22. bmj2k says:

    So, uh, good luck with the nether regions…

  23. What?! A happy-go-lucky post from The Hook. Maybe the world did end and this is just some sort of fantasy land. 😉

  24. Artswebshow says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the visitors that didn’t tip last year were automatically banned from returning this year

  25. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I added you to my blogging buddies ♥

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  27. Jeanne Heuer says:

    All of the nether regions are warming up in Wisconsin too.

  28. I’m glad that the upcoming summer season is a good time for the Hook and his hotel adventures. Looking forward to what this summer will bring to this here blog.

  29. Now that I can finally post a comment….
    From mid summer to early Fall here, we have bugs called “love bugs” which are basically like 2 bugs attached at their butts….seriously….and are not very lovable at all!
    Their guts end up all over the front bumpers and windshields of cars, obscuring your view, and right after you wash them off, they are right back on again! Makes me feel sorry for motorcyclists!

  30. I had to say how lovely it was to read this one. Hope you don’t mind that word! (And I hope you didn’t have to revsit it too soon!) 🙂

  31. Good luck with the return guests.. Hopefully no douchebags this time…Pass on the positive energy after you are done with it.. 😉 Need some…

  32. Caroline says:

    So glad you expanded your roster of blogging allies to us foodies. And I hope it’s not bad to say, but I’m glad you get to fight douchebags a bit longer, just so we can read your hysterical posts!

  33. mizqui says:

    I haven’t believed the hype about ‘the world endins’ since I was in Pre-K and read the story of “Chicken Little” (a Famous quote# “The sky is falling – The sky is falling”) LOL! So you can imagine when I saw that seasoned gentleman on TV telling everyone “the world was ending” — I looked at his age and thought to myself,

    “Ah yes…thou hasn’t many years left since ye are over SEVENTY!!!!!!” lol!

    And yes, I said it to the face of my 13 year old child, who was staring at the screen in (ARE WE BEING PUNKED) horror. I assured her, we were not being Punked, and that the seasoned gentleman’s life just MAY be ending (how long shall one live????) — but he was in NO WAY talking to us. 🙂

    It was THE BEST WEEKEND we’d had in a long time, (and we didn’t even touch “our Bucket Lists”).LOL!

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