Feds Bust Over 100 Mobsters! Those Guys Are Still Around?

The Sopranos Title Screen

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Humor aside, does anyone really think about the Mafia anymore?

Between Marty Scorsese and The Sopranos, the modern-day Mob has been reduced to a bunch of Italian guys in sweats and suits most people would like to hang out with! To the public, their image has lost its edge and so the news of the FBI‘s crackdown comes as a surprise.

It took the work of over 800 law enforcement officials and informants (rats!), but the Feds nabbed over 100 soldiers and bosses Thursday. The operation is being billed as the largest in Bureau history and it’s certainly a wake-up call in an age ruled by news on the “War on Terror”.

Mafia crime family structure tree

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In recent years news outlets have focused on terror cells, global conflict in the Middle East and lone gunmen. We’ve almost forgotten about the criminal element in our own backyard and just how real and dangerous it can be.

A total of 16 different indictments were filed against the more than 100 suspects from five infamous families that have controlled the New York Mafia for close to a century. Charges range from seemingly innocent illegal card games in auto shops to drug peddling and old-fashioned shakedowns of businesses like strip clubs.

The five families have achieved a level of notoriety thanks to movies like Donnie Brasco which was based on the Bonanno family, or The Sopranos which was allegedly inspired by the DeCavalante clan. Speaking of which, I can’t imagine being a decent law-abiding member of one of these families and have people know your brethren are criminals capable of wanton acts of violence.

But they are and this small victory should serve a greater good –  to remind people of the countless victims that have been terrorized by these monsters we glamorize on a regular basis.

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2 Responses to Feds Bust Over 100 Mobsters! Those Guys Are Still Around?

  1. Tom Huff says:

    With the “Banksters” we have today, who needs the Mafia anyways!?

  2. Samantha says:

    Interesting post! I wonder if decreased public awareness about “The Mob” and local organized crime is connected not only to the media’s focus on international issues (the “War on Terror” as you mentioned) but also to the 24-hour news cycle, and the media’s resulting inability/reluctance to follow stories over long periods of time (or in-depth).

    In any case, these are definitely ideas I tend to think of as existing mostly on TV or in the movies… albeit, excellent TV. The Wire, anyone?

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