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What’s Happening in my World Right Now? (Like right this second?)

How often have you sat around your respective domiciles/lairs/mom’s basement, pondering life’s mysteries like, “I wonder what The Hook is doing right now?” Here’s the answer. You’re welcome. Two hookers just clip-clopped their way through the lobby. (How do you … Continue reading

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I Think We’re Due For A Sunday Post, Don’t You?

Well, the hotel has new lobby furniture, but otherwise, it’s business as usual. Case in point, at 8:00 A.M. this morning I rolled my luggage cart past the most obvious hooker I have ever cast my bellman eyes upon in … Continue reading

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There’s A Good Chance Most of You Are Hung-over, So I’l Be Brief.

The New year has barely begun and the lobby is quiet, kids, devoid of activity and the human suffering that is surely on its way. Soon the two most hollow words in the English language will be uttered by hundreds … Continue reading

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Fun With Top Ten Lists and Philosophy.

After exploring the darkness that hides in the shadows cast by the bright neon lights of my hometown, I’ve decided to explore the dark humor generated by the many colorful characters that cross the threshold of my home away from home. Our … Continue reading

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My Crazy Bellman Life: Myths and Facts.

FACT:  Millions of souls have passed through my lobby over the years, each of them distinct and separate from the whole of humanity in their own way. MYTH:  Beyond familial, social or employment bonds, each of these individuals has no real connection … Continue reading

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Because Everyone Else Will Wait Until Tomorrow…

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time to honor those who survived hours of agonizing labor pains to bring all of us into this wild and wonderful world. I both love and dread this time of year with … Continue reading

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A Look Back At The 80s: Hook Style!

BEFORE WE BEGIN, TWO FUN FACTS:  #1.  Someone in the hotel ordered an 18-year-old Wednesday Addams look-alike hooker at 6:30 a.m. this morning. (She left – sans smile and dignity – by 7:21 a.m.) Talk about your breakfast of champions. … Continue reading

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Black Box Warnings, Charlie Sheen Wannabes, and An Incredible Comic Con Announcement.

Before we begin, click here and you’ll be directed to Black Box Warnings, a safe haven where bloggers can share another side of themselves, free of the restrictions of their individual blogs. It’s my turn today. If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Things I Saw in Fifteen Minutes…

THE PERILS OF GIVING SENIORS ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY… Watching a sweet old lady try to operate a cellphone is painful enough, but having to listen as she SCREAMS into said phone is a whole new level of terror. THE HOOK: … Continue reading

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The Hook on…. Hookers!

To clarify, The Hook has never actually been “on” a hooker. Truthfully, even if I was single I wouldn’t have that kind of money. It’s a quiet Saturday but hookers have been on the collective tongue of the hotel – so … Continue reading

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