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How To Travel With Kids During The Holidays – Without Killing Them.

HOOK’S NOTE:  I figured I’d keep the title simple, seeing as parents always seem to have a million thoughts running through their heads at any given time. Moving on… I’m no travel expert like Sarah Pittard and I’m not what … Continue reading

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I Suppose You’re Wondering Why I’ve Called You All Here…

I’ve always wanted to say that… Moving on…. I hate to disappoint anyone – outside of the bedroom, that is – but my blogging generator is still chugging along at half-power. Our buddy, Ned Hickson is setting the world on … Continue reading

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My World At The Moment.

I have much to say, but little time and space. However, I will endeavor to put my best blogging foot forward… Our mini-vacation produced mixed results. We encountered heavy rains while traveling to St. Jacobs, but the sun won out and the day improved. … Continue reading

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Definitely Cry Over Expired Milk – With Becca Cord. (“Or How I Blog On A Saturday”, by The Hook)

If you don’t know who Becca is by now, then you should stop reading this right now, take a deep, cleansing breath and re-evaluate your entire existence, because you’re doing something wrong, my friend. Becca is THE MAN. Period. Except, … Continue reading

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And So It Begins…

My day began as it always does: I stepped over the threshold of concrete and glass and pledged my allegiance to the Niagara Falls hospitality industry. For nine Earthly hours to be precise, although it should be noted that time … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Madness: Hook Style!

While some people spent their Boxing Day battling their fellow man for that ever-elusive discounted big-screen TV, I spent it standing in the cold serving families that have found themselves screwed over by evolution. Like this one… GILLY’S DAD: (Wrestling … Continue reading

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The Hook Blows His Top!

This is The Hook with an on-the-spot, in-the-moment report! As I’m writing away, a family of douchebags – not a single brain among the five of them – is standing in the lobby as Dad brings in item after item. … Continue reading

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