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I’m Almost Back To Form, But Until Then…

I’m still not ready for a full-fledged return to blogging, gang, but I’ll be back in the hospitality saddle on Thursday. In the meantime… Top Ten Excerpts From The Nerd Version Of Fifty Shades. 10)  “She was as wet as … Continue reading

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Seven more minutes of childhood; a father’s wish for his daughter the morning of 9-11

Originally posted on Ned's Blog:
I’ll never forget how I felt this day 13 years ago as an American, a firefighter and as a father — and how each held its own kind of hurt that has never completely…

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Help The Chicks Out, Will Ya, Folks?

There’s nothing like a selfless act to take your mind off your troubles, friends. I’m putting my own self-doubts/troubles aside – hopefully, for good – to help out some kick-ass, independent, trailblazing chicks. Collectively, they are one-in-a-trillion. They are an … Continue reading

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If Only All Of Life’s Problems Could Be Solved With A Crowbar.

That Ahab dude had his white whale. Batman has the Joker. Ned Hickson has his shoelaces – and that wooden lion. And me, gentle readers? I had several pieces of rotten lumber on my garage. Until today, that is. It … Continue reading

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I Know There’s A Silver Lining Somewhere…

But I just don’t see it at the moment. The sitch (as the kids apparently say) is this: My leg has healed considerably faster than expected… but I’m not out of the unemployment woods yet, kids. My doctor feels a … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Boy! There’s A Dead Raccoon In The Driveway!

Certain bloggers wake up to morning sex. Me? I wake up to VampireLover alerting me to a vehicular homicide that ended with the furry, four-legged, victim at the end of my property. There are seven driveways on my street, but … Continue reading

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You’ve Got News… From The Hook.

Good news, everyone! While my healing factor is not on par with that of a certain Canadian mutant (I’m a nerd but I’m married to a real girl so I don’t feel so bad), I have followed my doctor’s orders … Continue reading

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