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Tales of the modern (douchebag) traveler

I’m On The Mend, But I Still Suck At Titles.

A collection of magazines and puzzle books. Tasty confections. Toy cars. A kazoo. Jumbo playing cards. (They maybe mutant playing cards, which would be super cool.) Pencil crayons and modelling clay. Trail mix. Assorted goodies. And lest I forget, a … Continue reading

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I Suppose You’re Wondering Why I’ve Called You All Here…

I’ve always wanted to say that… Moving on…. I hate to disappoint anyone – outside of the bedroom, that is – but my blogging generator is still chugging along at half-power. Our buddy, Ned Hickson is setting the world on … Continue reading

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This is a Post.

To be honest, friends, I have a new writing project that deserves my attention but my creativity is as fractured as my mind and body are at the moment. So here’s hoping blogging is as therapeutic as the non-licensed therapists … Continue reading

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The Only Birthday Gift I Can Afford On My Current Salary…

On the surface this has appears to have been an ordinary day; The Biebs has escaped true justice once more, my all-too fragile form remains broken, Ned Hickson is still a putz, Ann St. Vincent is still steaming up computer … Continue reading

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I Am A Dumbass. Here’s Why.

Where to begin? It is a question, no, it is the question that has plagued everyone who has ever tried to communicate, from the most brilliant writer to the first caveman who scratched up a perfectly good cave wall with … Continue reading

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Don’t Blog Angry? Yeah, Right…

Well, I’ve been at work for an hour-and-a-half and so far all I have to show for it is the news of an impending write-up and a bagel (a guest call that ends with zero dollars in the bellman’s pocket), … Continue reading

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A Little Wisdom For The Coming Week…

Here are a few fun facts: When I first became a bellman seventeen years ago, NO ONE – and I mean NO ONE – travelled with a laptop or any sort of electronic device. Blogs were slowly springing into existence … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Susie Lindau.

I’m going to let today’s guest handle things, if that’s all right with you folks….  I’m like a fly on the wall today at Hook’s place. Woohoo! If you don’t know Susie Lindau, if you haven’t been touched by her … Continue reading

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The Hook Does Comic Con!

It was a dark and stormy night… in Latveria. (Sorry, but since my body is still under viral attack and my brain has been heavily taxed by my weekend geeky shenanigans, I really didn’t know where to begin this post-Comic … Continue reading

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Why I Love Comic Cons. (I swear, the post is better than the title.)

I’m still operating at 40% power, but writing this  post is an alternative to staring at throngs of  travelers as they drag their overloaded backpacks, duffel bags, cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, strollers and various other makeshift suitcases through the lobby. … Continue reading

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